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Sudan and South Sudan: low crude oil prices reignite the dispute

Marco Malvestuto

The dispute concerns the management and sharing of proceeds from oil produced in South Sudan, destined its northern neighbor’ss refineries of its. The disagreement...


The green turnaround for Big Oil?

Nicoló Sartori

All Oil & Gas majors expect an increase in investments in the renewable energy sector, although precautions and prudence are being practiced thoroughly, especially...


Libya: a way out of the crisis

Editorial Staff

The conference organized by the IAI [International Affairs Institute] in Rome was an opportunity to take...


Russia and the Arctic game

Emilio Fabio Torsello

In the coming years, a dangerous game could unfold in the North Sea, centered on energy resources and political interest. Moscow...


The challenges of Fayez al-Sarraj's Government

Giuseppe Acconcia

The security of oil wells and the management of migration flows are the two essential tests for the Government of National Accord. The possibility...


Lebanon upstream future potential and challenges

Athanasios Pitatzis

Recent surveys carried out offshore of the country have reported the presence of good oil and gas reserves, which could attract...

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