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Iran holds back on new oil contracts: foreign investments at risk

Simone Cantarini (Agenzia Nova)

Foreign oil companies might have to wait several months before being able to launch investment plans in Iran....


China starts with transportation

Lí Lifan

While the debate on "clean" energy is still conflicting, Beijing expects a 4% to10% increase in the amount of natural gas...


The natural gas revolution

Katherine A. Rasmussen

We discussed price trends, shale gas and the role of renewables with Adam Sieminski, Administrator of the US Energy Information Administration..


Africa and the challenge of the sun

Arianna Pescini

By 2030, the continent will achieve 610 GW of solar power, which will mainly be used to produce electricity...


A plan of agreement between Turkey and Israel

Giorgia Lamaro (Agenzia Nova)

The agreement signed between the two countries for the exploitation and export of the blue gold from the Leviathan...


Norway: A White Paper for the future

Giancarlo Strocchia

After 17 years, the Oslo government presents guidelines to define energy strategies leading up to 2030...

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