Allies, game changers and category killers in the energy market

Moisés Naím

Over the next 10 years, the energy market will undergo profound transformations, driven by revolutionary technologies that will significantly shift the balance between importing and exporting countries.


What hope is there for a rise in India's gas prices?

James Crabtree

The decision has been postponed until after the elections and will change according to the outcome. It will have a decisive impact on the country, which in coming years will see the demand for energy exceed domestic production.


Egypt, Saudi Arabia ban Muslim Brotherhood

Daniel Atzori

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic political movement, was banned in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries are divided on what approach to take in this regard, leading toward what is considered...


The Crimea crisis is leading Russian energy toward China

Yao Jin

For Igor Sechin, chairman of Rosneft, repeated condemnation of the Russian position could boost trading between Moscow and Beijing (The president of Russia Putin (right) talks with the Chinese vice premier Gao).


Libya to soon boost oil production

Lina Roger

Libya is strictly monitored by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which expects the country will soon boost its oil production after striking a deal with rebels who had previously blocked ports in the East and prevented oil exports.


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