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The six political events that have "distorted" the world of oil

Moisés Naím

An anticipation of Oil 32. The Venezuelan economist analyzes the factors that have changed the global energy scenario in recent years...


Energy as Russia's Trojan Horse to the East

Lorenzo Colantoni (IAI)

The role of Moscow, as the main player in the global energy scene, passes through the links and difficult balances established...


Changes, challenges and charges

Gianni Di Giovanni

An anticipation of Oil 32. The director’s editorial on the ''disruption'' process that is also involving the world of energy...


The status of the Caspian and the "great game" of energy

Lello Stelletti

By the end of the year Turkmenistan plans to hold a summit with the heads of state of Azerbaijan and Turkey...


The New Era of low cost crude

Ian Bremmer

An anticipation of Oil 32. The analysis of the American political scientist on energy disruption....


Morocco: $4 billion Invested in natural gas

Arianna Pescini

LNG, shale gas and renewables: Morocco is leading the energy revolution in the Maghreb and looking to reduce its energy...

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