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From Poland to Russia: the power games

Evgeny Utkin

The construction of "vertical pipes", travelling from north to south, has long been considered....


Gas to the East for the future of peace

Davide Tabarelli

To develop its energy reserves the Mena area needs stability. Following the start of the Arabs Springs in 2010...


Of diplomacy and dialogue

Franco Cardini

Egypt’s Damietta, a major LNG terminal, was the scene of a historic meeting between St. Francis and the Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil...


Saudi Arabia: A key role in the Middle Eastern energy game

Emilio Fabio Torsello

The failure of the Doha summit is only the latest result of Riyadh’s attempts to stem the return of its historic rival, Iran, to the market...


Hope for all

Gianni Di Giovanni

The cornerstone of issue 31 of Oil is the development of gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean...


A wealth under the sea

Luca Bertelli

An unexpected sequence of discoveries, occurring since the early 2000s, has made the Eastern Mediterranean an area...

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