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The Big Players

Fabio Squillante

Iran, Russia, Nigeria, Norway, and the United Kingdom have in balance been hurt by the decline in oil prices, while the European Union, the United States, and China and India ...


Who pulls the strings in the oil market?

Grant Summer

The analysis of how and to what extent the aspects related to the scientific and operational advances can affect the price of crude oil, was the focus of a meeting...


From yesterday to today, the changing calculus of energy prices

Gary Hart

The price of carbon fuel consumption can no longer be calculated in traditional economic terms of supply and demand


The threat of a possible crisis

Ali Aissaoui

Algeria face three major challenges: excessive public spending, an ineffectual national energy policy and growing distrust in government policies. An informed public debate...


The great unknown

John St. Jean

Interview with Sadad Ibrahim Al-Husseini, oil industry analyst. The imbalance between the oil supply and demand is already being...


More reserves and more safety for India

James Crabtree

The Asian giant, the fourth largest oil importer in the world, is starting to create a storage system that will enable it to become part of the powers capable of securing...

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