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A new Beijing-Tehran axis?

February 2016
James Crabtree

China looks with interest to the return, on the global oil markets, of Iran, free from international sanctions and ready to supply crude oil to the Beijing economy. An approach – that between the two countries – which is cause for concern in India, Tehran’s historic trading partner

Renewables: a lesson from the Scottish

February 2016
Emilio Fabio Torsello

The percentage of clean energy produced in Scotland from renewable sources increased over just a few years from 24% in 2010 to 40% in 2013, to reach - as anticipated for 2016 - 50%. But Scotland is planning to reach 100% 5 years earlier: by 2020

Energy: a global center of excellence in Tuscany

February 2016
Editorial Staff

It will start with the Galileo Project, for which General Electric will invest $600 million. It will work toward the development of turbines and compressors in the oil & gas industry, with the aim of increasing current production volumes by 50% and sales by $1.7 billion in 5 years

The cracks in oil welfare

February 2016
Nicoló Sartori

The fall in crude oil prices have made it necessary, in many Arab countries, to cut public spending and make downward revisions of national budgets. A scenario of economic downsizing that calls into question the new energy diplomacy of the EU

Energy enters the “WWS age“

January 2016
Emilio Fabio Torsello

Wind, water and Sun: in 2015, renewable energy rose by 4%, reaching a record $329 billion. American climatologist Jacobson: “We will meet the goals set at COP21”. Employment in renewables has also risen

Disturbing symptoms

January 2016
Geminello Alvi

The global economic situation is difficult and the prospects, according to various analysts, do not seem rosy for Europe, China and the United States

A way of revenge for Libya

January 2016
Giuseppe Acconcia

The formation of the new government and the desired agreement between the factions of Tripoli and Tobruk could have a positive effect on the fate of the North African country and give greater stability to the domestic oil market

Davos: the price of oil is the "elephant in the room"

January 2016
Ivana Pisciotta

In a nightmarish week with oil prices plummeting to $28, the annual summit that sees the global economy and finance élite gathered together was an opportunity to analyze the situation

Dual careers: a challenge for the future

January 2016
Editorial Staff

How have couples’ dynamics changed when not only the male but also the female counterpart is committed to a legitimate career climb? And how do they manage family duties in these cases? These questions were answered in Milan by Eve Sprunt, during a Distinguished Lecture sponsored by the Italian section of the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers), which was followed by a discussion panel between successful women of the Oil & Gas industry

Oil prices: causes and consequences

January 2016
Demostenes Floros

The trend in crude oil prices, the weakening of the dollar, the effects of the price decrease, especially for producing countries. Here is an analysis of what is happening

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