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Bilateral in Shanghai between Italy and China

March 2016
Yao Jin

"Current economic and geopolitical challenges in the energy sector: looking for a cooperation between Italy and China" is the title of a meeting promoted by the LUISS University which aims to deepen the mutual understanding of the 2 countries on energy, analyzing possible cooperation prospects

A 50% renewable world by 2040

March 2016
Giuseppe Didonna

According to Paolo Frankl, Head of the Renewable Energy Division of the International Energy Agency, it is Africa, above all in the Sub-Saharan region, that demonstrates potential and resources for a real change of pace, provided that the commitments made in Paris in December 2015 are respected

The oil challenge of the Russian economy

March 2016
Evgeny Utkin

While oil-producing countries are divided between those that are committed to cutting production and those who have no intention of doing so, Russia slashes its state budget due to the fall in crude oil prices which, according to the IEA, is unlikely to rise again in the short term

US gas to conquer the world

March 2016
Nicoló Sartori

The projects underway to increase LNG terminals make Washington the next global leader in exports of blue gold following the shale revolution, although complicated administrative procedures and a deadlock in free trade agreements could slow down the rise of the new energy giant

Renewables vs Fossil fuels: this is the contest

February 2016
Molly Moore

So far, the candidates for the U.S. primary elections in the race for the White House have avoided expressing too much on the country’s energy future, although the competition is being played out between the Democrats pushing for renewables and the Republicans in defense of the oil industry. Statement by statement, here is the background to their respective positions 

Super-Tuesday crowns Clinton and Trump

February 2016
Emilio Fabio Torsello

Super Saturday sees the "number 2s" sill in the race. Among the Republican candidates, Carson drops out and others could follow. While Clinton - winner in Texas on Super Tuesday - doesn’t seem shaken by Bernie Sander’s brief comeback with his wins in Kansas and Nebraska

US Renewables: a fragmented horizon

February 2016
Emilio Fabio Torsello

In the last few days, the Supreme Court blocked the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s flagship energy proposal and a cornerstone of COP21. But big cities like the Big Apple are holding the energy sustainability banner high

Doha changes course on gas

February 2016
Alessandro Scipione (Agenzia Nova)

Greater commercial flexibility, reviewed penalty-free fees with regard to major importing countries and a reconsideration of long-term agreements. The price crisis has forced Qatar, the world’s leading exporter of natural gas, to review its position on the Blue Gold’s world markets

Iran: Rouhani’s moderates aim for the Majlis

February 2016
Giuseppe Acconcia

The recently concluded elections could decree the advance of the representatives of the President’s party that aim to have the majority of the Assembly of Experts. The turnout could amount to lower levels than those recorded in 2013

If stability is what is at stake

February 2016
Demostenes Floros

There are many players that may influence the trend in crude oil prices. From the financial markets - suffering from a grueling volatility, to the production strategies of the United States and Russia, through the decisions expected of OPEC. When will the wait be over?

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