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Are we nearing an oil price recovery?

January 2015
Alfonso De Lucia Lumeno

Jim O’Neill, ex-Chairman of Goldman Sach’s Asset Management division and known for having coined the term BRIC, claims to be certain that by the end of the year oil prices will rise. True or not, the future of oil remains uncertain

Shale gas returns to the European stage

January 2015
John L. Still

Development of non-conventional fuel is moving ahead in Great Britain, with the country aiming to reduce its energy dependence in light of a drop in production in the North Sea. In Europe meanwhile Poland is reviewing its shale policies in order to bring in new investment, and Germany mulling over environmental issues related to fracking

Cheap oil putting Norwegian economy in crisis

January 2015
Alfonso De Lucia Lumeno

Due to the crash in oil prices, Norway needs to revise its own growth predictions. Its central statistics institute has significantly cut its 2015 growth predictions, while Statoil recorded its first net loss since 2001 in the final quarter of last year

New energies from Sub-Saharan Africa

January 2015
Nicoletta Pirozzi

The European approach and public-private partnership in a continent that has profoundly changed on the transition into the new century, no longer presenting itself to the world as "lost" but as an area in full transformation, although affected by contrasting phenomena

Learning from our mistakes

January 2015
Molly Moore

America has a troubling history of failing to learn from its mistakes in the Middle East. But today the U.S. administration and military do not talk about defeating the Islamic State, they talk about "degrading" it. And this effort suggests it may finally be on the right track

For each enemy, his challenge

January 2015
Amer Al Sabaileh

The most important challenge is overturning the stereotype of the terrorist defined over the last three decades; especially now that they have young people with Western appearance and accents

A new gas route from the Eastern Mediterranean

January 2015
Nicoló Sartori

The Israeli government has decided that, as of 2018, 40 percent of gas from offshore Leviathan and Tamar gas deposits can be exported to international markets, probably through the connection at the liquefaction plant in Damietta, Egypt. A new route that could also establish itself as a diverse route for European supplies

The contest between OPEC and shale oil

December 2014
Daniel Atzori

The contest between OPEC and shale oil is about to become real. Will the race to lower prices lead first to the default of the weakest oil producing countries or of the wildcatters, the pioneers of the extraction of shale in the United States?

The structure, funding and weapons of the caliphate

December 2014
Antonio Galdo

ISIS, which just a few months ago was only a network of bitter terrorists, has made a quantum leap: terrorism has become a State, with national borders and laws, and the ability to collect and manage resources according to highly structured mechanisms

The view from Ankara

December 2014
Ibrahim Kalin

For Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s special advisor, the decision to adopt a no-fly zone and offer a safe haven for Syrian refugees is an effective way to empower the moderate Syrian opposition

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