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Obama kills the Keystone XL pipeline

November 2015
James Hansen

A victory for environmental activists shakes both American and Canadian oil producers

Cuba’s energy revolution

November 2015
Emilio Fabio Torsello

The thawing with the US has been crucial for giving a new boost to the development of renewables. In this way, the country has started along a new path towards energy independence that is attracting Chinese capital

Alaska: unconvincing shale gas

November 2015
Douglas B. Reynolds

The resources with which North America would be equipped, in addition to very high extraction costs, would not be enough to change the energy market. The Norwegian model could be the way forward

The victory of the AKP and Erdogan’s challenges in the aftermath of the vote

November 2015
Giuseppe Acconcia

Only the return to peace talks involving a ceasefire with the PKK will be able to stabilize the country and facilitate a concrete path towards European integration

New gas discoveries in Romania, but to be managed by the Russians

October 2015
Lello Stelletti (Agenzia Nova)

The parameter of interest for Russian-Romanian geological exploration is known as EX30 Trident and the new well is located right in this area, where Russia’s Lukoil has carried out surveys since 2011, following a concession contract entered into with the government of Bucharest

ASEAN: The energy-hungry tigers

October 2015
James Crabtree

Over the next 25 years, oil imports from Southeast Asia could double, reaching China’s current level, even though the region may invest up to $400 billion in renewable technologies by 2030

Africa: Energy can change a continent

October 2015
Fabrizio Anselmo

An extraordinary flywheel development, a great opportunity for economic and social growth, but also the essential priority of respecting the environment. The delicate issue of Africa is at the center of the major energy challenges of the coming years

The international oil seesaw

October 2015
Demostenes Floros

Geopolitical and economic factors constantly affect the swings in oil prices which, especially in September, have become highly volatile. We are now perhaps witnessing a rebalancing of the market, but the power of some states, such as Saudi Arabia, shifts things around

More cautious steps in Saudi Arabia

October 2015
Simone Cantarini (Agenzia Nova)

The drop in crude oil prices forces Riyadh to revise its monetary investment plans, and to reconsider a foreign policy that weighs heavily on state coffers, with repercussions on the internal political balance

Oil&gas at the forefront against climate change

October 2015
Editorial Staff

CEOs of 10 global oil and gas companies today in Paris made a collaborative declaration to reach an efficient agreement on climate change during COP21

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