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The challenges of Fayez al-Sarraj’s Government

June 2016
Giuseppe Acconcia

The security of oil wells and the management of migration flows are the two essential tests for the Government of National Accord. The possibility of an international intervention seems unlikely

China, the key motion in the development of renewable energy

June 2016
Lí Lifan

The government has an ambitious target, that by 2020 non-fossil fuel energy will account for 15% of the total energy consumption, and even reach 20% by 2030

The thin white line

June 2016
Giancarlo Strocchia

The area between the coasts of Alaska and the Canadian region remain under the spotlight of their respective governments after several major Oil & Gas companies decided to suspend drilling operations due to high production costs, despite huge investments

The forecasting game

June 2016
Paul Betts

Since the major crisis of 2008, analysts and institutions have issued advances and prospects on the oil market that have not always proved reliable. Too many factors affect the performance of stock prices, and perhaps the rules used so far should be permanently revised

Brexit: the UK’s turning point is just a month away

May 2016
Paul Betts

Whether it remains in or leaves the European Union, there are many consequences, including in terms of energy. Oil companies fear that exiting the EU could jeopardize investments in the British energy industry

A match all to be played at home

June 2016
Evgeny Utkin

While Rosneft gains more and more economic value, surpassing its historic rival, Gazprom, in Russia the confrontation between the 2 companies is escalating, eroding the Moscow energy giant’s monopoly that allows it, being unique in the country, to sell gas abroad

Iran: The forbidden fruit (yet again) of the world market

May 2016
Marcello Vallese

The country holding the world’s fourth largest oil reserves is trying to regain a sunny spot in the world’s energy markets, grappling with an endless feud, past sanctions and the need for a technological update to effectively tackle rising production costs

A new era for Saudi Arabia

May 2016
Paul Sullivan

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plans for economic and social transformation contained in "Vision 2030" could cause many problems, including in terms of social order and international relations. From energy to small and medium enterprises, from education to the mass entry of women in the workforce, the country is preparing for an epochal revolution that is expected to lead it towards a future of greater stability and diversification

EU: opposition grows towards North Stream 2 gas pipeline

May 2016
Sebastiano Fusco

Many believe that, following the migration crisis and the weakening of the euro, the new gas pipeline could be the third and final cause of the political collapse of the European Union

The game of supply and demand

May 2016
Demostenes Floros

The increase in oil prices in April, the highest increase in a year, is the result of the reduction in availability on an annual basis, which in 2016 will be less than 700,000 barrels per day. All this despite the failure of negotiations in Doha

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