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The reasons for a re-match

July 2015
Davide Tabarelli

During key times of crisis, whether in the form of battles over the price of oil or turmoil on the chessboard of the Middle East, OPEC has played a key role in making sure that the flow of oil has never stopped

Warranty clause

July 2015
Demostenes Floros

OPEC is riven by conflicting interests: Saudi Arabia fears the advance of Iran, which finds itself with an unusual potential ally in the United States and support from a China-Russia strategic alliance in the military, financial and energy fields

The "Unknown" OPEC

July 2015
Roberto Di Giovan Paolo

With the international political pomp of the 1970s long gone, the Vienna-based oil producers’ cartel struggles to regain the institutional recognition befitting an Organization that held the reins of the global economy for years

Long live the price maker

July 2015
Luay al-Khatteeb

With its share reduced to one-third of the world’s crude oil production, OPEC may lose its role as the world’s main market regulator. To avoid the boom/bust chaos of an unregulated market for this essential commodity, others will have to act in tandem to regulate price and supply

The advantages of the Old Continent

August 2015
Paul Betts

In the short term, the Organization’s disarray has sustained the reduction in oil prices. In the long term, it raises concerns about the direction of crude oil prices in the event that companies and Countries continue to cut investment

A strategic collaboration

August 2015
Lí Lifan

Beijing places great importance on its relationship with OPEC. But the opposite is also true: in recent years the demand for oil in Asia has accounted for roughly 70%  of Saudi exports of crude oil

Nuclear Agreement: Repercussions for Asia

August 2015
James Crabtree

The accord will prove particularly significant for two of Asia’s largest emerging economies: India and China. Neither of these countries took a hard line with the Iranian regime

Who will win the crude oil challenge?

August 2015
James Hansen

By keeping oil production levels unchanged, Saudi Arabia was convinced it would thrash its American fracking competitors, not considering the huge investments that are flowing into the sector and the strength of recovery of U.S. producers

Drinking water from the Sun

August 2015
Emilio Fabio Torsello

Natasha Wright, a student at MIT, has developed a desalination plant that runs on solar energy and could supply clean water to India and the rural areas of the world

A new passage to the South

August 2015
Giuseppe Acconcia

Through the projects of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the recent doubling of a stretch of the Suez Canal, in addition to increasing revenues for the passage of goods from the Gulf to Europe, the image of the military government should relaunch and stability should be restored to the Sinai

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