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Egypt in search of economic recovery

April 2015
Giuseppe Acconcia

President al-Sisi’s project for supporting the country's growth proceeds via new infrastructure and more dynamic financial activity. A plan that already has agreements for $36 billion, signed during the last summit in Sharm el-Sheikh

Oil 28: winners and losers

March 2015
Gianni Di Giovanni

The repercussions on economic structures and the impact on international political relations are only two of the aspects to be analyzed regarding the phenomenon of the fall in oil prices. Between the winners and losers, the various reactions of the countries of the world most affected by the performance of black gold are outlined

The consequences of the consequences of low oil prices

March 2015
Moisés Naím

Lower prices had a direct impact on exporting countries such as Russia and Venezuela. These impacts produced their own "second order" effects that are only just being felt. Many of these effects will be negative, but some will have positive results, as governments take the opportunity to initiate reforms

The Turkish route for Europe

March 2015
Nicoló Sartori

After dismissing the South Stream project, Russia announces the construction of the new Turkish Stream, which avoids Ukrainian territory and strengthens the role of Ankara in managing energy relations between Asia and Europe

Low-cost petrol shows the two sides of Lebanon

March 2015
John L. Still

The oil price crash has had contradictory effects on Lebanon: on one hand the country’s national energy company Electricité du Liban is benefitting from increase turnover and lower petrol prices are helping consumers, while on the other it’s making investment from international businesses trickier to attain

Out of Africa: Lagos Chronicles. Recycling creates wealth

March 2015
Maria Pia Rossignaud

The development of Nigeria proceeds via the Wecycler project and floating schools or radio stations in Lagos. Promoting the culture of waste recycling and improving the infrastructure of the region are among the most important growth initiatives of the African country

The chances of US fracking

February 2015
James Hansen

The number of drilling platforms has fallen, but production is stable and the wells are increasingly efficient. Oil service companies will suffer the most

Indonesia’s coming to an energy crossroads

February 2015
Alfonso De Lucia Lumeno

Indonesia is moving trying to change its energy mix in the hope of making itself less dependent on fossil fuels while also satisfying the growth in demand pushed by economic growth and ensure the environmental sustainability of its energy supply

OPEC’s winning strategy

February 2015
John L. Still

Forecasts suggest that OPEC’s strategy is beginning to have results: demand will grow despite the price crash and the supply surplus, and while shale oil is in crisis and Russia is sceptical, the price-cutting strategy in Asian markets seems to be working

Libya in crisis, and without oil

February 2015
Alfonso De Lucia Lumeno

The disintegration of Libya has further hit the oil sector, which has been plunged into chaos. The closure of one of the country’s most important pipelines could be the end of system on the edge of collapse, but which once led OPEC

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