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Nigeria: new challenges on the horizon

March 2015
Shola Omotola

The country must respond to problems posed by the collapse of oil prices with targeted policies aimed at diversifying the economy sustainably, and with a more proactive approach to public debt management

Stars and stripes energy challenge

May 2015
Molly Moore

The start of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign has brought issues related to the country’s energy future to the attention of the candidates’ political agenda, with the Democrats driving alternative sources and the Republicans more focused on the development of hydrocarbons

Turkey to vote in a difficult political context

April 2015
Giorgia Lamaro

The main aim of the country’s energy policy is to make Ankara the platform for transporting gas to Europe

Iranian nuclear deal between hope and skepticism

April 2015
Giuseppe Acconcia

While internal confrontation between supporters and opponents of the agreement reached in Lausanne continues, the world wonders how the international political and economic balance will change, especially in the Middle East, after the end to sanctions against Tehran

Where is the way out?

April 2015
Serena Van Dyne

It holds the richest oil reserves in the world, but the fall in crude oil prices has added to Venezuela's already serious political difficulties, jeopardizing its public finances

The DIY energy revolution

April 2015
Maria Pia Rossignaud

According to a study by the Rocky Mountain Institute, self-consumption electricity networks are increasingly confirmed in the USA, composed of combined home electricity systems, with solar panels and storage batteries, allowing  for cost savings on bills and environmental protection

Beijing seizes the day

April 2015
Lí Lifan

The collapse of oil prices gives the Dragon a strong hand in its negotiations with producing countries such as Russia and a powerful lever for domestic growth. But it will require a strategic approach

China and India race towards Russia’s Vankor oil and gas fields

April 2015
Yao Jin

This is the largest discovery in the Russian hydrocarbons sector in the last thirty years, with estimated reserves of 520 million tons of crude oil and 95 billion cubic meters of natural gas

Polls open in Sudan for the presidential elections

April 2015
Simone Cantarini

Favorite for the final victory is current President Omar al-Bashir, who rose to power in 1989, although, running for the same seat are another 14 candidates who denounce the acts of censure against them and poor access to the media. The counting of votes should start shortly after the closure of the polls, which will be closed on April 15. Official results should be announced on April 27

State Grid invests in renewables with 7 new lines

April 2015
Yao Jin

The new projects provides for two new, very high voltage AC lines and a further five very high voltage lines that will connect various areas of China

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