The race towards Southeast Asian energy

July 2014
Kevin Doyle

The region has potentially vast reserves, but their exploitation poses a series of difficulties at both technical and political levels. The fields are located in areas that are disputed by various countries or are difficult to access

Turkish elections: Erdogan runs for presidency

August 2014
Fabio Squillante (Agenzia Nova)

The country, divided between pressures from the West and regaining its Islamic soul, is preparing to elect the next president of the republic by universal suffrage for the first time. This seems to favor the incumbent prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

BofA Merrill Lynch revises up Brent price expectations

July 2014
Lina Roger

Given a slightly worse outlook for OPEC and non-OPEC oil supply growth over the next 18 months, BofA Merrill Lynch modestly revised its estimates for average Brent crude oil prices for 2014 and 2015 from $106 to $110 and from $103 to $108 respectively

A recovery too fragile to overcome the Great Crisis

July 2014
Antonio Galdo

The global economic scenario is finding it hard to stabilize. The "driving engines" of the United States and China are experiencing weaker growth than forecast, Japan is dealing with public debt increasing at an alarming rate and Europe is crushed by budget constraints. What global equilibrium is in store after the great recession?

New Middle East development and its implications on China

July 2014
Daniel Atzori

The Middle East is undergoing a period of profound change. An international workshop held at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) analyzed the main challenges the region is facing, as well as their potential implications on China

ING, Kazakhstan needs stronger investments

July 2014
Lina Roger

Kazakhstan needs "stronger investments" to change its weakening economic outlook, especially under the recent plan of fiscal stimulus and the need to replace the Kashagan pipelines, ING said in a report

The Dragon deploys its "string of pearls"

July 2014
Sebastiano Fusco (Agenzia Nova)

China is advancing a policy of political-trade relations with Asian coastal zone countries to strengthen relations from the Red Sea to Indochina, through the construction of infrastructure works, including several oil platforms, which are putting relations with Vietnam at risk

Turkmenistan, the El Dorado for gas

July 2014
Alessandro Scipione (Agenzia Nova)

This Central Asian state, which contains one of the largest global reserves of hydrocarbons and is the leading regional supplier of China, has just signed an agreement with Turkey and Azerbaijan to develop the energy sector

UAE, oil production slowing but growth on track

July 2014
Lina Roger

The International Monetary Fund said that despite the decline in crude oil production in the United Arab Emirates, the economy has grown by 5.2 percent in 2013, boosted by public projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s service sectors

Europe’s gas future to be discussed in London

July 2014
Editorial Staff

The issue of gas procurement security will be at the heart of the discussions by major European industry representatives at the 29th European Autumn Gas Conference, which will be held in London on October 28-30, 2014