Gas trading in Europe: Door open for new players as banks scale down

September 2014
Laurence Allen

In recent months, corporations including Barclays, JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch have radically scaled down shop altogether on their gas and liquefied natural gas trading activities. But this retrenchment by so many banks provides many opportunities for Europe’s key utilities as well as smaller trading houses

Ecuador’s economic outlook worsens

August 2014
Lina Roger

According to the International Monetary Fund, Ecuador’s economic outlook  is becoming less favorable as oil prices will probably fall and interest rates in the U.S. are expected to rise over the medium-term

The Dragon is looking to control the seas

July 2014
Sebastiano Fusco (Agenzia Nova)

In terms of tonnage, 50 percent of globally traded goods pass through the Strait of Malacca, Sonda and Lombok each year. More than 10 million barrels of crude oil in tankers pass through the Strait of Malacca alone every day. These routes constitute the real jugular vein of Asia

The threat of energy dependency in India

August 2014
James Crabtree

Scarcity of domestic hydrocarbons coupled with a dramatic rise in demand could put the India’s energy security and public finances at risk as early as 2020

Brent to fall as low as 90 dollar next year

August 2014
Lina Roger

Oil prices should fall further over the medium term as the geopolitical risks is fading and there are no expectations for a slump in demand. Capital Economics predicts the Brent to fall as low as 90 US dollar next year

What does the future hold for the Gulf countries?

August 2014
Bassam Fattouh

The increase in demand in the Asia-Pacific countries over the last twenty years has been absorbed primarily by Middle Eastern producers, and demand for oil in the region will continue to increase. The region does face challenges from a number of outside sources, but its greatest challenges may well come from within

Moscow looks to the East

August 2014
Evgeny Utkin

Not only to China, but also beyond, to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations members, not forgetting the Eurasian Union. By 2025, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus should create a joint oil & gas market


How long will the honeymoon last?

August 2014
Lí Lifan

Energy cooperation between the two Asian giants will bring advantages to both, but the enforcement of the agreement could give rise to problems. The future will be full of compromises and negotiations

Obama’s missed opportunity

August 2014
Molly Moore

Despite the Obama Administration’s promise of a shift toward the East, there has been little effective action toward rebalancing U.S. economic, political and military policies to date

Indonesian nationalism is curbing investors

August 2014
Ben Bland

The objective, declared by both candidates in the elections, to increase the production of hydrocarbons, is actually secondary to that of guaranteeing greater "Indonesiazation" of the sector