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The Eastern Mediterranean: To go or not to go

April 2016
Lí Lifan

The instability of the Eastern region of the Mare Nostrum could discourage Beijing from supporting energy development projects in the area, despite relations already established with Israel and Egypt

A resurgence in the land of the Pharaohs

April 2016
Giuseppe Acconcia

While Egypt reaches new trade agreements with European partners, a major gas discovery and the expansion of the Suez Canal offer hope for economic growth

Gas to the East for the future of peace

April 2016
Davide Tabarelli

To develop its energy reserves the Mena area needs stability. Following the start of the Arabs Springs in 2010, the countries in the region want to start again on the road to growth. Following the Zohr discovery Egypt seems to be leading the way in this rebirth

Of diplomacy and dialogue

April 2016
Franco Cardini

Egypt’s Damietta, a major LNG terminal, was the scene of a historic meeting between St. Francis and the Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil, the first act of strategy opening to the southern shores of the Mare Nostrum, which is currently crossed by new business interests

Europe back in business with Iran

April 2016
Giuseppe Acconcia

The delegations of European entrepreneurs and the visit of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to Tehran have brought the country back to the center of European foreign policy

Saudi Arabia: A key role in the Middle Eastern energy game

April 2016
Emilio Fabio Torsello

The failure of the Doha summit is only the latest result of Riyadh’s attempts to stem the return of its historic rival, Iran, to the market. In the meantime, the Saudis are entering into agreements for the supply of oil and are developing production sites. The freezing of crude oil production now seems far off

A wealth under the sea

April 2016
Luca Bertelli

An unexpected sequence of discoveries, occurring since the early 2000s, has made the Eastern Mediterranean an area of high potential for gas extraction. Among them, the Zohr gas field has launched a new exploration prospect with significant mining potential, indicating a new model for the paleogeographic evolution of the Levant basin

Azerbaijan: It’s all a matter of export

April 2016
Zaur Shiriyev

The Republic is interested in the Eastern Mediterranean because it wishes to export gas through the Southern Gas Corridor. Success will depend on investments and political support from the West

From Poland to Russia: the power games

April 2016
Evgeny Utkin

The construction of "vertical pipes", travelling from north to south, has long been considered. One of these is the Baltic Pipe, which could transport Norwegian gas to Poland. The other is North Stream 2, from Russia to Germany, feared by Poland and Ukraine due to the increase in Russia’s influence on the continent

Showdown in Doha

April 2016
Nicoló Sartori

The stalemate resulting from the oil summit in Qatar has further exacerbated the already difficult relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. While Tehran is not giving up the chance to reach again pre-sanction production levels, Riyadh is not agreeing to hand back the sceptre of regional power and is limiting any possibility of an agreement at the expense of the public budgets of the other producing countries

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