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Who pulls the strings in the oil market?

May 2015
Grant Summer

The analysis of how and to what extent the aspects related to the scientific and operational advances can affect the price of crude oil, was the focus of a meeting entitled “Falling Oil? Oil price drivers: market vs technology” promoted by  SPE Italy, together with Eni Corporate University, Scuola Mattei and the Master MEDEA, in Milan

From yesterday to today, the changing calculus of energy prices

May 2015
Gary Hart

The price of carbon fuel consumption can no longer be calculated in traditional economic terms of supply and demand

The threat of a possible crisis

May 2015
Ali Aissaoui

Algeria face three major challenges: excessive public spending, an ineffectual national energy policy and growing distrust in government policies. An informed public debate is needed

Challenges ahead

May 2015
Bassam Fattouh

In facing declining oil prices, the oil-producing countries of the Gulf region benefit from very low foreign debt and huge foreign exchange reserves, but impending fiscal deficits will bring challenges, particularly to those that fail to diversify their economies

China consolidates its role in the South American oil market

May 2015
James Hansen

Venezuelan and Ecuadorian reserves are increasingly the prerogative of Beijing, also thanks to loans that the Asian giant grants the two countries. Today, Ecuador boasts proven oil reserves amounting to 8.8 billion barrels, thereby constituting the third oil "power" in South America

Sudan: Re-elected al-Bashir turns to Riyadh

May 2015
Simone Cantarini (Agenzia Nova)

Thanks to the good offices of Cairo, al-Bashir has managed to enter the Saudi orbit. The Saudi’s have thus found a new ally in Africa, in addition to Egypt and Morocco

The Kremlin welcomes Xi Jinping: agreements on energy and infrastructure

May 2015
Yao Jin

The Chinese President’s visit, from May 8 to 10, aims to reach new agreements with Moscow in energy, aerospace technology and investment

More reserves and more safety for India

May 2015
James Crabtree

The Asian giant, the fourth largest oil importer in the world, is starting to create a storage system that will enable it to become part of the powers capable of securing a margin of energy security in the event of emergencies or hydrocarbon shortages

Nigeria: new challenges on the horizon

March 2015
Shola Omotola

The country must respond to problems posed by the collapse of oil prices with targeted policies aimed at diversifying the economy sustainably, and with a more proactive approach to public debt management

Stars and stripes energy challenge

May 2015
Molly Moore

The start of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign has brought issues related to the country’s energy future to the attention of the candidates’ political agenda, with the Democrats driving alternative sources and the Republicans more focused on the development of hydrocarbons

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